i do not fear the Tower

or at least i’d like to think i don’t but what if instead of fiery chaos it was a sigh of relief? when the last of our kindness has been thoughtlessly extracted, when we have grown too comfortable in our shells when greed and cruelty run rampant through the Lands, then it is a blessingContinue reading “i do not fear the Tower”


and so i have arrived on the precipice  with apprehension–or perhaps excitement– stirring through my bones. i lift my eyes, feeling the sun glow hot on my back as the waves crash on the rocks below. what deep gratitude there is, what soft relief, what overwhelming awe in being afraid and doing it anyway. thisContinue reading “zero”

searching for crocuses

the matted layer of damp leaves coats the blackened soil i comb through them, scanning for specks of green  but no such luck.  the slumbering bulbs are still nestled in the Earth. i am reminded of you, tucked away  in the folds of my brain.  never knowing when you might sprout. finding nothing for today,Continue reading “searching for crocuses”

poetry series, part 1

It has been a while, but I have returned! Since it is April, I have decided to focus mainly on poetry. This is something I wrote that was inspired by my experience on the Cancer new moon in 2021: raspberry moon stones chatter under my feet whisking me along the forked path.  i am carriedContinue reading “poetry series, part 1”

trickster magic

this is a poetic reflection on tricksters as “in-between” creatures, inspired by The Magician card in tarot, and various mythologies: the magician stands before the table, draped in a red cloth, surrounded and fragrant roses. a knowing smile dances on their lips as they gaze at all the elements before them. they hold a candleContinue reading “trickster magic”

plant wisdom: growing together

Last fall, I started seeing goldenrod everywhere. Of course it had always been around me, but I only recently gained more knowledge about this beautiful plant, so the vibrant yellow blooms drew my attention. That is something I love about learning. It changes the way you see the world. Three seasons later, in July, IContinue reading “plant wisdom: growing together”

fire and feathers: a story of creative destruction

imagine a dark landscape. almost empty, but not quite. the earth has been waiting a long time for this moment. an owl beats their wings as they take flight from among the tall, dry grasses. their round face is gentle and wise but has a sharp beak that glints in the light of the waningContinue reading “fire and feathers: a story of creative destruction”

about the blog

Welcome. I am so glad you’re here. My purposes with this website are to practice exploring my journey in a more public setting, with the intention of cultivating vulnerability, authenticity, and illumination along the way. It was recommended to me to start a sort of online journal that could be seen by others, and soContinue reading “about the blog”

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