and so i have arrived on the precipice 

with apprehension–or perhaps

excitement– stirring through my bones.

i lift my eyes, feeling the sun glow hot on my back

as the waves crash on the rocks below.

what deep gratitude there is,

what soft relief,

what overwhelming awe

in being afraid

and doing it anyway.

this poem was inspired by The Fool card in tarot, which speaks to our capacity to trust ourselves, and the universe. recently i have been reflecting on what it means to really stretch myself to show up and use my voice in ways that previously seemed impossible. lots of apprehension and liberation have come up. and so my challenge to you, dear readers, is to do something this week that feels scary. be gentle, but find something that pushes you just outside of where you are comfortable, whatever that looks like to you. take note of how it feels. where does the fear reside within you? what would your inner child react to seeing your courage? your future self? much love to you all ❤

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