Pyriscent Ponderings

come light your torch with me.

intuitive writing for collective illumination

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trickster magic

this is a poetic reflection on tricksters as “in-between” creatures, inspired by The Magician card in tarot, and various mythologies: the magician stands before the table, draped in a red cloth, surrounded and fragrant roses. a knowing smile dances on their lips as they gaze at all the elements before them. they hold a candleContinue reading “trickster magic”

plant wisdom: growing together

Last fall, I started seeing goldenrod everywhere. Of course it had always been around me, but I only recently gained more knowledge about this beautiful plant, so the vibrant yellow blooms drew my attention. That is something I love about learning. It changes the way you see the world. Three seasons later, in July, IContinue reading “plant wisdom: growing together”

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