Pyriscent Ponderings

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i do not fear the Tower

or at least i’d like to think i don’t but what if instead of fiery chaos it was a sigh of relief? when the last of our kindness has been thoughtlessly extracted, when we have grown too comfortable in our shells when greed and cruelty run rampant through the Lands, then it is a blessingContinue reading “i do not fear the Tower”

mother of pearl

let me drift on the currents of the sea sinking easefully as the cool waters wrap me up and pour me into the shell of an oyster to be cradled in the jagged layers of calcium i am undone in the stillness turned inside out scrubbed raw, skin crawling, shuddering in sheer discomfort until iContinue reading “mother of pearl”


and so i have arrived on the precipice  with apprehension–or perhaps excitement– stirring through my bones. i lift my eyes, feeling the sun glow hot on my back as the waves crash on the rocks below. what deep gratitude there is, what soft relief, what overwhelming awe in being afraid and doing it anyway. thisContinue reading “zero”

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